The Unbreakable Barbie

Terrible Toyshop's Para-hell-ograms make a cameo in this video by the Amazing French Boudoir.

The amazing story of the Unbreakable Bikini Barbie, You can check out her story on insta @onehipfitchick,
A story of survival. This is one bad ass woman right here. She wanted to share her story in an artistic way since art is her “EVERYTHING”
And so the idea was created for this shoot detailing her story. Her story starting with going out and being drugged and ended in a terrible accident,
that she nearly didn’t survive. This model was enthusiastically excited to participate in creating art, After seeing The Amazing French Boudoir website and artwork.
So she met up with The Secretary. Every detail was carefully considered and a scene was crafted as a start to this incredible story.
The evening that changed everything started with meeting at a Moroccan themed location, So we worked with what we had and came up with a great location and decor.
It was shortly after that dinner meeting, she was drugged. This was clearly an evil and selfish act.
The perfect mask came to mind for this particularly evil tale and so the adventure begins,
in sharing our twisted representation of this story. San Diego Shoot Location

Swatch image Black/Black
Swatch image Black/Blue
Swatch image Pink/Black
Swatch image Blue/Pink
Swatch image Blue/Yellow
Swatch image Yellow/Pink
Swatch image Black/Red (limited quantities)

Para-hell-ogram Nipple Clamps (Pair)


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