“I’ve been wanting to upgrade from the OG magic wand for a long time now, and seeing the listing for the rechargeable wand here finally gave me the push to do it! It’s absolutely wonderful; those low frequencies are just gorgeously rumbly, the vibration modes are simple and effective, and honestly the power decrease going from the corded wand to the cordless is negligible, if at all even present (and intensity is a huge deal for me!). There’s also a frequency that feels even a step lower than the OG’s low setting, so that feels like a bonus 🥳 The pricing on Terrible Toyshop is definitely the most reasonable I’ve encountered most anywhere in-person or online, especially with how reliable this seller is. Greg is absolutely lovely; they were super sweet and communicative about my order, and their interactions with me honestly helped put some of my latent reservations about buying toys online to rest (it only takes one time of getting bamboozled by a shady retailer in 2013 to boot some anxiety up your ass) and got me pumped to get more things from TTS in the future! 👀 Fantastic experience overall, the wand is absolutely worth it and I hope Greg’s having a great day 🙂”
Dessa S.
Customer Review

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