Product Review: Rigger's Delight Nipple Stretcher

In October 2021, Lexual Romance (of Off The Cuffs Podcast fame) published a review of the Rigger's Delight Nipple Stretcher

I asked a rigger pal of mine to test this toy out with me, and I found it to be super evil and fun. They started by attaching the stretcher to my body with a simple chest harness. I had to hold the piece to my body as they went around so it stayed in place at first. After it was on, they used the extra rope to tie my hands behind my back. When the clamps are not connected to nipples, it can have the tendency to flop side to side instead of staying straight (though I suppose if you had more titty it would hold better). Regardless, once your nipples are strapped in, you’re good to go. The more toothy clamps like the Nipple Traps turned out to be a good call, because if they weren’t on tight, they pulled right off as we ratcheted up higher.

When it comes to pain, this toy delivers. It’s simple and extremely effective: just yank higher until you can’t take any more or the clamps fly off, whichever comes first. Or you can leave it stretched for a long period of time and ratchet the clamps off slowly. While bottoming for this toy, the clicking of the crank quickly became a strong fear trigger. There’s so much versatility with it and you don’t necessarily have to stretch to an insane level to have a good time. This toy is like a good Au Ju—sure, your steak tastes great right out the pan, but if you collect all those juices and make them into a tasty sauce to go on top, that’s some next level shit.

While this toy was designed to be used with rope, I found that it’s also relatively easy to use without it. You just need to hold it in place while attaching the clamps, then ratchet it up a few times so the tension keeps it from slipping. I have done this myself while slightly reclined on my bed and it works well, I just had to make sure the clamps were on tight so it wouldn’t fall off if I went too high.

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The Rigger’s Delight Nipple Stretcher


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