Product Review: Breast Traps

In August 2021, Violet Fawkes published a review of the Breast Traps.

These ain’t no teddy bear’s picnic!

Just like everything else I know about Terrible Toyshop’s ingenious designs, the simplicity belies their intensity. Yes, the teeth are pointy and intimidatingly big, but I didn’t expect the twist down of the bolts to apply so much pressure so fast. And that is not a criticism!

The Breast Traps are easy to use and their how-to is quite obvious: they simply “bite” the breast and you can screw the jaws as tightly as you wish. I played with different intensities and while the tips of the teeth dented and daintily bruised my tits in a tidy little line (very pleasing to the eye) they did not cut the skin. I think that you could probably puncture the skin if you tried but it’s not something you’re likely to do accidentally. Fear not, as crazy-intense as these traps are, the person doing the screwing has a ton of control and it’s easy to manage the intensity of the “bite”.

Once they are in place it becomes immediately apparent that the hinge is actually a handle. Yeah. Easy to grab, all too easy to tug or lead someone around with. Thanks a lot, Greg. No really. Thank you. These titty bear traps are brilliant and devious and basically a joyous hell on earth.

A Note about Fit

I am a G cup and I managed to wear these without issue. It took a bit of maneuvering, I had to sort of “feed” my breasts into the traps because they were more voluminous than the extent of the jaw’s spread but that was not a problem. Had my breasts been smaller the traps could have just “nommed” onto my boobs easily. What I’m trying to say is that if your knockers are chonkers like mine, don’t worry: these breast traps will work for you.

Pretty and Perfectly Made

I mentioned the build quality of Terrible Toyshop in my first two reviews for The Bad Princess Nipple Clamps and The Pussy Trap. I remain so impressed with the quality and precision of Terrible Toyshop’s products. They are well crafted, strong, all the moving parts are well engineered and they couldn’t be better in terms of their pared-down, minimalist appeal. I also adore the aesthetics of this brand: bold, simple and unadorned. These are play-torture devices, they need no ornamentation, but the fun colours are a win! I almost wish I’d gotten more variety, though the all black look of my collection is cohesive and pairs nicely with other toys and lingerie, etc.


Swatch image Black/Black
Swatch image Black/Blue
Swatch image Pink/Black
Swatch image Blue/Pink
Swatch image Blue/Yellow
Swatch image Yellow/Pink

Breast Traps (Pair)


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