Frequently Asked Questions

We answer these a lot.

Absolutely! We will be happy to ship our products wherever you are. Most of our orders are international, so we know our way around customs forms.

If you live in the UK, please order from our Etsy shop. UK tax laws are complicated and Etsy takes care of value added tax (VAT) on our behalf.

Deliveries to the US and Canada will not incur any additional customs fees, duties or taxes beyond the sales tax we charge at checkout. If you’re ordering from somewhere else, please check your country’s customs policies before you order.

We ship all products in unmarked cardboard boxes or bubble mailers, and we use a low-key, un-Googleable operating name on the return address. Depending on the destination country, the package contents will be identified as “toys,” “novelty items,” or “adult novelty body clamps” on customs form.

Check out our shipping page to see examples of what typical shipping labels and customs forms look like.

We are always happy to discuss custom designs, however we cannot guarantee that we can (or have the time to) take on every project that comes up. As a general principle, we try to focus our design time on products that we can sell to a wide audience. That said, if you have a great idea, we’ll probably give you one for free.

If you require an accommodation to use our products due to a disability, please let us know what you need and we will do our best to make it happen. We are eager to incorporate accessible design into new and existing products.

Sorry, we currently do not sell our products to other retailers.

Sorry, we carefully calibrate our designs to print on our own 3D printers. Our expertise is in designing and manufacturing our designs in a controlled environment. We do not want to support distributed printing and assembly of our products.


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If you prefer, you can also give us give us a ring at +1 (647) 499-GAGS.

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