1. Backgrounder


1.1 Company Profile

Terrible Toyshop is an independent BDSM product manufacturer and online retailer based in Toronto, Canada. The business uses 3D printing technology to design and produce a unique line of colourful sadomasochistic sex toys. The company’s ever-growing product catalogue currently includes whips, straps, rubber band snapping toys, and a selection of clamps and stretchers designed for use on nipples, breasts, labia, the clitoris, penis, and testicles.

From its modest beginnings as a tiny shop on Etsy, Terrible Toyshop has grown into a small but mighty e-commerce empire, making kinky nightmares all over the world come true. Shipping worldwide, Terrible Toyshop’s mission is to torture the internet with unique sadistic inventions, as well as remixes of classic kinky toys to satisfy every freaky pleasure. Terrible Toyshop’s small but dedicated team spends their time crafting some of the most mind-blowing 3D printed sex toys that you’ll ever love to hate, with unique products to terrorize and tantalize every taste.

If you know someone who deserves the worst pleasure possible, visit terribletoyshop.com and explore their large collection of 3D printed BDSM toys. We’re sure you’ll regret it.


1.2 Origin Story

It’s February, 2019 – Terrible Greg is furiously hand stitching vinyl upholstery for a set of hand carved stocks. The venue is Toronto’s Discreet Odyssey, a kinky event space overrun with a group of Kinky Makers at a weekly Sunday meetup. Tying off the final stitch, he places the finished wrist pad in his backpack, packs up the needles and thread, and surveys the room. To weld or not to weld… maybe it’s time to try the 3D printer? He jokes with friends about creating a labia clamp enhanced with features of a bear trap. They agree – it’s hilarious. And thus, the idea for Terrible Toyshop is born.

Terrible Greg, Founder and OG Ballgag Bear, conceived and birthed the idea for a line of 3D printed BDSM toys while spending time at a kinky maker meet up. The idea started small, but after some photos of his Pussy Trap prototype went mini-viral and received a lot of positive feedback on social media, it wasn’t long before the Etsy shop was reliably attracting at least one order per day. In feeding this momentum, Greg watched in awe the business grew in unpredictable ways, almost as if driven by a will of its own. 

The name Terrible Toyshop originated as a joke between friends. In conversation, the word “terrible” came to signify approval of Greg’s imaginative plans for humiliating and horrifyingly sadistic BDSM scenes. It took a few years of channeling that creativity into a room full of 3D printers for a tongue-in-cheek Etsy presence to grow and blossom into the intimidating product catalogue and retail operation you see today. Now operating at a much larger scale, Terrible Toyshop provides an outlet to share Greg’s sadistic product ideas with like-minded people around the world.


1.3 Today and Tomorrow

Over the past two years, Terrible Greg has gradually opened his home to an ever-growing collection of 3D printers, stockpiles of inventory, and the trappings of a professional e-commerce fulfillment centre. As the orders pick up, so too do supplies of 3D printer filament, hardware, finished products, shipping boxes, bubble mailers, rolls of kraft paper, thermal postage labels, etc. At this point, we’ve pretty done everything possible to ensure that our signature awfulness gets into our customers’ hands as swiftly as humanly possible.

Since we opened up shop, we’ve launched about one new product every six weeks. It takes about six weeks to develop a product from a vague idea through prototyping to production, including product photography and production of inventory to support an initial rush of orders. Terrible Toyshop ships an average of about three packages per day to destinations ranging from Brazil to Singapore and Portugal to French Guiana. Our 15+ 3D printers typically print over 40kg (88lbs) of material per month, and we recycle all of the boxes that come along for the ride – in fact, our last order of 3D printer filament was large enough to be delivered by motor freight and was unceremoniously parked in front of the house with a pallet jack.

Terrible Toyshop relies on the labours of three people to keep the operation running smoothly. We believe in fair, living wages (though we’re not quite operating at the scale to be offering full-time employment just yet). Terrible Toyshop is proudly inclusive (as outlined in our Inclusivity Policy), and we work hard to deliver accessible products and accommodate individual needs as requested. We offer our products in a kink, body, sex, and gender positive online retail environment.

“As we press forward with this awful 'lil enterprise, we look forward to discovering crazy new kinks as we slowly but surely take over a strange niche market on the sunny, sunny, surrealist side of sadomasochism.”
Terrible Greg
The OG Ballgag Bear

2. The Terrible Team


2.1 Terrible Greg

As the OG Ballgag Bear, Greg has been with Terrible Toyshop since day one and continues to personally sign off on each shipment with cheeky handwritten notes. Always brimming with enthusiasm, good humour and a seemingly endless supply of sadistic ideas, Greg is happy to make time to talk and write about Terrible Toyshop and its special place in the universe.

Terrible Greg is more than just a creative genius with endearingly horrible product ideas. Before Terrible Toyshop took over his life, Greg filled his spare time with a variety of hobbies. When growing up, Greg discovered a love for piano and took that passion to extremes. With degrees in music performance and composition, Greg has a collection of vintage electric pianos which has grown to a whopping 10 instruments. This collection includes a lipstick red Wurlitzer 200 and a Hammond A-100 tonewheel organ. Looking past his musical inclinations, Greg is a foodie and shamelessly binge watches dystopian series while assembling toys.


2.2 Princess Randi

Everyone, meet Princess Randi! Though not hugely involved in the creative process behind the toys, Randi is our dedicated content manager. Animating our social feeds in a way that respects “community guidelines” and dishing out a stream of sizzling hot branded graphics, Randi works hard to ensure that our followers and subscribers remember that Terrible Toyshop is alive, “hip,” and relevant.

With a background in Early Childhood Education, Randi uses her creative edge to showcase our products in various eye-catching ways. Randi joined our awful team in May, 2020, having just graduated with a certificate in Public Relations. When she’s not chastising Terrible Greg for use of the word “moist” in corporate communications or dreaming up new ways to make the Crouton Crusher look cute (and, if at all possible, appealing), she enjoys listening to Frank Sinatra and reading crime fiction.

3. Press Coverage

Most recently, Terrible Greg sat down for an artisan profile interview with TheLazyDom.com. Here, he talks a bit about the genius behind Terrible Toyshop, some featured products, and opens up about himself.

Terrible Toyshop has made a variety of appearances in the press, media, porn and other adult content. Our products have also been tested and recommended by many independent reviewers.

3.1 Press and Media

3.2 Product Reviews

  • Off the Cuffs Podcast
  1. Nipple Traps (October 2021)
  2. Para-hell-ogram Nipple Clamps (October 2021)
  • Violet Fawkes
  1. Nipple Traps (October 2021)
  2. The Bad Princess Labia Clamp (September 2021)
  3. The Pussy Trap (August 2021)
  4. Breast Traps (August 2021)
  5. Bad Princess Nipple Clamps (July 2021)
  • The Bed Post Podcast
  1. The Pussy Trap (April 2021)
  2. Breast Traps (December 2020)
  3. The Snapper 2.0 (November 2020)

3.3 Porn and Adult Content (NSFW)

4. Digital Artwork

4.1 Logos and Banners

Ballgag Bear Logo with Text
(4000 x 1520)

Ballgag Bear Logo without Text
(1000 x 1360)

Light 2:1 Banner with Tagline
(4000 x 2000)

Dark 2:1 Banner with Tagline
(4000 x 2000)

Light 4:1 Banner with Tagline
(6000 x 1500)

Dark 4:1 Banner with Tagline
(6000 x 1500)

4.2 Product Photography

Snapper 2.0: The world’s first rubber band gun designed specifically for impact play
(2800 x 2400)

Breast Traps: A pair of six-inch breast clamps designed to resemble bear traps
(2800 x 2400)

Para-hell-ograms: Nipple clamps with a cantilevered mechanism to twist and compress
(2800 x 2400)

Rigger’s Delight: A gravity-defying nipple stretcher designed for rope bondage
(2800 x 2400)

The Devil’s Lotus: A clamp designed for clitoris or nipples with five diabolical points
(2800 x 2400)

The Original Snapper: An impact play device designed to snap rubber bands
(2800 x 2400)

Lockable Nipple Clamps: A nipple clamp that locks closed – don’t lose the key!
(2800 x 2400)

Elephant Balls: A pair of torturous devices that enclose and compress each testicle
(2800 x 2400)

4.3 Other Photography

Everything To Do With Sex Show Booth
(1500 x 1500)

Fulfillment Station
(1500 x 1500)

5. Quick Facts

5.1 General Information

  • Operating name: Terrible Toyshop
  • Logo/mascot: Ballgag Bear
  • Tag line: Buy something awful for someone who deserves it.
  • Mission: Terrible Toyshop’s mission is to torture the internet with unique sadistic inventions, as well as remixes of classic kinky toys to satisfy every freaky pleasure.
  • Website: https://terribletoyshop.com
  • Etsy shop: http://TerribleToyshop.etsy.com

5.2 Background and Philosophy

  • Terrible Toyshop opened as an Etsy shop in March, 2019.
  • The first products on display were the Nipple Traps, the Pussy Trap, and the Clit Tenderizer.
  • Terrible Toyshop's online store (https://terribletoyshop.com) launched in November, 2019.
  • Terrible Toyshop is proudly kink, body, and LGBTQ2S+ positive.
  • Terrible Toyshop believes that inclusivity is the fabric that binds us together as human beings.

5.3 By the Numbers

  • First sale: March 30, 2019
  • Orders shipped: 3,000+
  • Daily orders: ~4
  • Top destinations: United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Belgium
  • Original products: 20+
  • Total products: 100+
  • 3D printers: 15+
  • 3D printer output: Over 40kg (88lbs) per month

5.4 Company Information

  • Company name: Terrible Toyshop Ltd.
  • Industry: Manufacturing and online retail
  • Products: BDSM sex toys
  • City: Toronto
  • Province: Ontario
  • Country: Canada
  • Founder: Terrible Greg, "The OG Ballgag Bear"

6. Contact Information