Product Review: Nipple Traps

In October 2021, Violet Fawkes published a review of the Nipple Traps.

I didn’t think it would ever happen, but these cute little chompers have usurped my favourite nipple vices. When I reviewed the Bad Princess Nipple Clamps, they took top spot because they worked on the same “vice” principle as my old standby pair, where the nipple is crushed between two flat bars. They were similar but better. But these cute little Nipple Traps … they are nipple torture perfection!

Cute but vicious

Every time I look at the Nipple Traps, I can’t help but see the classic “chattering teeth” wind-up toy of my childhood. These small but mighty jaws work incredibly well because of their simplicity. They are hinged and the degree of open/closed/tightness is determined by a very finely threaded bolt with an easy to turn knob. These mean little “mouths” are filled with the tiniest, sweetest little teeth, but holy hell do they bite! As I have mentioned in my other Terrible Toyshop reviews, the fine threading that TT uses for their devices means that they can be adjusted so minutely … but that tiny, 1/8 of a turn can be the difference between moans of pleasure and howls of delicious pain.

These Nipple Traps crush, pinch, and grip the nipples, or wherever else you put them. The jagged, hard plastic teeth make them quite merciless, and because they open up quite widely, they can bite a decent wad of flesh. They are cute as can be but also mean as hell; basically they’re perfect.

Swatch image Black/Black
Swatch image Black/Blue
Swatch image Pink/Black
Swatch image Blue/Pink
Swatch image Blue/Yellow
Swatch image Yellow/Pink
Swatch image Black/Red (limited quantities)

Nipple Traps (Pair)


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